Multi-Functional Fibreglass Flags 2m

Fibreglass flag pole system with peg and bag for a 2m flag (either sharkfin, teardrop, arc or aerial)

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– 2m Fibreglass multi-functional flag pole system for a Sharkfin, Teardrop Arc or Aerial Flag (one pole – many flag shapes depending on how the rod is tensioned)
– Note this is the flagpole hardware only, no flag is supplied – contact your nearest digital printer for a branded flag
– Pole Height: 3,08m
– Pole Weight: 0.40kg
– Tapered fibreglass rod to bend into various flag shapes
– Packaged and sold as a kit (including carry bag made out of 600D black polyester fabric) plus a 19mm budget peg

Additional information

Weight 1.58 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 128 cm

– Versatile – One flag pole can make multiple flag shapes
– Great for outdoor branding and events
– Extremely portable and easy to setup
– Flag system in a single bag with durable steel peg

– 2m MFP flag system poles (Fibreglass)
– 2 pieces of fibreglass rod that fit into one another
– Budget Peg
– Carry Bag

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