All gazebos have some commonalities, namely: they all provide a collapsible structure that when opened can be used for shade, and their canopies can be branded providing great outdoor advertising opportunities. However, when considering purchasing a gazebo, there should be many more considerations:

  • How portable is the gazebo (it is easily carried and setup by one person)?
  • How strong and durable is the gazebo?
  • What is the longevity of the gazebo? i.e. the number of times that it can be used?
  • What is the repair policy of the company selling it?
  • Is it a “green product” – has it been manufactured giving due consideration to the environment?
  • Am I supporting the local economy?
    Do the gazebos come in various size options to suit my needs?
Gazebo Zip Bag for easy packing and transporting
Directors chair branding equipment in action

Zimstone’s gazebos are the best in the world because:

  1. They are manufactured from a grade of aluminium alloy with a tensile strength (bending strength) 60% stronger than normal standard aluminium. This means that Zimstone can reduce the wall thickness of its extrusions to make a lighter gazebo without compromising quality. Hence in summary Zimstone has a lighter yet simultaneously stronger gazebo than the standard gazebos manufactured in China that look the same. A lighter gazebo means that it is more portable and easier to open. One person can easily open a 3m x 3m Zimstone gazebo.
  2. The crossarm extrusions are internally braced using the selfsame aluminium alloy mentioned above. The crossarms are the weakest element in a gazebo and this is hence where the strength becomes important. It should be noted that extruding the crossarms using our alloy is extremely difficult and it is a task few aluminium extruders could accomplish.
  3. Comparing Zimstone’s gazebos with the structures sold at retail outlets is like comparing a Toyota with a Lamborghini. They are both cars but that is all. Our gazebos will last and will not rust, hence our guarantee. Zimstone is the only company in the world that is prepared to offer a no questions asked free repair service on its gazebos (provided it has been properly used). Zimstone carries all the spare parts, ensuring that each part can be replaced should this be required. This policy in itself answers the question as to why we consider the Zimstone gazebo range to be the best in the world.
  4. Zimstone’s gazebos are manufactured in SADC, thus in buying a Zimstone gazebo you are supporting the local economy.
  5. In purchasing a Zimstone gazebo, you are purchasing a product for life. With proper use, care and storage it will last a lifetime. Gazebos are not permanent structures and should be tied down with ropes and pegged into the ground when in use.
  6. Zimstone’s gazebos are manufactured from 100% recycled material (both plastic and aluminium) which in turn are 100% recyclable. Thus in purchasing a Zimstone gazebo you are helping the environment and purchasing a “green product”. 
  7. Zimstone sells a range of gazebos – from 1m x 1m kiosk, 1.5m x 1.5m, 2m x 2m, 2.5m x 2.5m, 3m x 3m, 4.5m x 3m and 6m x 3m. This is the most comprehensive range of gazebos, enabling you to purchase a gazebo of the right size and dimensions to suit your needs.

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